Consultation Service

The CHERISH Consultation Service provides guidance to researchers on the design, implementation, interpretation, and dissemination and translation of observational and interventional studies related to treatment interventions for substance use disorder, HCV, and HIV, to ensure that planned economic analyses are methodologically sound and feasible.

Who Should Apply

Examples of researchers who may benefit from a methodology consultation:

Trainees and early-stage investigators who are planning career development award applications and wish to include training or research in economic methods as part of these awards.

Investigators planning multi-site interventional studies such as randomized clinical trials.

Investigators planning longitudinal analyses using electronic medical records or other health system data.

What to Expect From a Consultation

Methodology Core leaders will make an initial determination if the request is appropriate for consultation and identify and contact potential consultants. A one-time telephone consultation with the Methodology Core Director or Co-Director may be required to make this determination.

The Methodology Core will then make an introduction between consultee and consultant, usually by email. Each consultee will receive a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 6 hours of consultation time, and consultations will usually be conducted over the telephone. After a consultation has been completed, both consultants and consultees will each be requested to complete an evaluation form; consultees may also be contacted at a later data to obtain additional information on consultation outcomes.

Consultation Success Stories

Process to Apply For Consultation

Fill out the following Consultation form. Our goal is to provide initial response to all inquiries within ten business days of receipt.

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