7 Ways to Improve an Already Effective Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorder

New Commentary Suggests Ways to Make Contingency Management More Effective For Drugs Like Cocaine and Methamphetamine

By Nadiyah Browning, MPH, PMP April 17, 2024

The opioid epidemic has been one of the most pressing and challenging issues that the U.S. has faced in recent decades, with countless lives lost to this devastating crisis.

1. Rethinking Reward Systems

2. Adopting More Flexible Guidelines

3. Using Virtual Contingency Management to Reach More People

4. Encouraging Doctors and Health Systems

5. Improving Drug Testing at the Doctor's Office

6. Using Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

7. Tailoring Contingency Management for Community Needs

Contingency management currently is the most effective option available for treating stimulant use disorder, which currently has no FDA-approved medications. Finding ways for contingency management to make a meaningful impact on stimulant use is critical to lowering stimulant-related overdoses.

Gabriela Khazanov, PhD

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