CHERISH Welcomes Pilot Grant Recipients to Advance the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, HCV, and HIV

By Bonnie Tse July 26, 2023
The CHERISH pilot grant recipients from left to right are Thomas J. Bottyan, Sierra Julia Castedo de Martell, and Bulat Idrisov.

Meet the ninth cohort of early-career investigators from the states of California, Texas, and Washington.

Thomas J. Bottyan, MD

Contingency management is a remarkably effective and underutilized treatment for substance use disorders. While there is significant research supporting the efficacy of contingency management, most findings on patient and site level characteristics are from clinical studies. There are limitations generalizing those results outside of research settings.

Thomas Bottyan

Sierra Julia Castedo de Martell, PhD, MPH

For the past two decades, people with personal substance use disorder experience have increasingly been integrated into the system of care as peer workers delivering peer-driven substance use and recovery interventions, but there is a paucity of health economics research on such interventions.

Sierra Julia Castedo de Martell

Bulat Idrisov MD, MSc

HIV and SUD are among the leading contributors to the burden of disease in the U.S. and result in substantial costs. This is particularly concerning due to their synergistic interaction and complexity of care, making it crucial to optimize resource allocation and maximize benefits.

Bulat Idrisov