Stigma and Sluggish Bureaucracy Block Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorder

A Gathering of Experts Focuses in on the Positive Impact of Contingency Management

By Hoag Levins February 21, 2024
Contingency management therapies that use small amounts of cash and prizes to incentivize stimulant use disorder patients to meet various treatment milestones, like negative urine samples, have proven effective, but the controversial concept has been a hard sell in state legislatures.

Evidence of Incentives’ Power

Using Financial Incentives to Treat Stimulant Use Disorders

Low Interest, Little Funding

Importance of Science-Based Storytelling

Richard Rawson

The Major Barrier of Stigma

Michael McDonell

Changed Thinking in HHS

Kait Hirchak

Pivotal Issue: Paying Patients for Progress

Confusing Rules and Interpretations

California’s Bold Advance

Insufficient Answers

Jonathan Purtle

Sluggish Federal Process

Robert Baillieu

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Grid image of moderators and speakers who took part in the convening.

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